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Must-Try Dishes in Israel

A trip to Israel isn't a trip to Israel without enjoying the food.


Shakshuka - Poached eggs in a tomato base with spices, peppers, and onions.

Bourekas - Filo dough pastries stuffed with cheese, potatoes, spinach, or eggplant.

In a Pita

Falafel - A tried and true favorite--fried balls made out of ground chickpeas.

Shawarma - A pita sandwich filled with lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, or veal.

Sabich - A traditional Mizrahi Jewish pita sandwich with eggplant and eggs. Very underrated and delicious.


Rugelach - A crescent shaped pastry filled with chocolate, jam, nuts, or poppy seeds.

Malabi - A creamy, milk-based pudding topped with sweet syrup.

Halva - A dense confection made using sesame paste.


Israeli Salad - Salad made from chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables.

Bamba - A peanut butter-flavored snack.

Hummus - A creamy Levantine spread made using chickpeas.


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