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Luxury Adventure 

An island unlike any other

Nothing short of magical.

From its spectacular and dramatic landscapes to its natural wonders, Iceland is unlike anywhere else on the planet. A hotbed of geothermal activity, Iceland has everything from erupting geysers to bubbling volcanoes, to imposing mountains. Effervescent lagoons and a bed of volcanic ash make the sparsely populated island feel like it belongs in another world. 

Iceland’s cultural tapestry, woven with epic Viking sagas, stories of  huldufólk (mythical elves), cinematic landscapes and warm inhabitants, is nothing short of magical.

Video created by Adir Matzkin on a Fig Trips private family tour with tour guide Ishai. 

Wild Icelandic Horses

12 Day Trip

Adults Trip

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Explore Iceland in a small adults-only group.


12 Day Trip

Family Trip

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Explore Iceland in a small group with other families. 

Ice Covered Hills

12 Day Trip

Private Tour

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Explore Iceland in your own private group of any size.

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