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Day 1:

Hike Through History

Join us as we hike through the Hirbet Midras ruins of the Judean ridge line. We will be walking through history; from the times of King David in the Ella valley to historically significant sites from the Roman period and the Bar Kochva uprising.

Following the tour we will stop by a local goat farm to learn how to make you own goat cheese at home and hear the owner's story.

Olive Grove

Day 4:

All About Olive Oil

A virtual tour of the ancient city of Zippori, which was once described by first century historian Josephus Flavius as “the ornament of all Galilee.” This fascinating historical site boasts spectacular ruins, including impressive mosaics, an ancient synagogue, and a Roman theater.


Following the tour we will visit a local family-run olive press that produces organic olive oil using both modern and ancient techniques. Tour the farm, learn how olive oil is made, and hear their remarkable family story from one of the owners. 

Wine Barrels

Day 2:

Good Grapes

Explore Beit She’arim, a Jewish village that dates back to the 1st-century BCE that was once the seat of the Sanhedrin, or the council of elders that governed the land of Israel in ancient times. The site is now a sprawling necropolis, dotted with hundreds of burial sites, catacombs and sarcophagi.


Following the tour we will visit  Tulip Winery. Located in Kfar Tikva, a pastoral settlement for people with special needs, the winery produces and sells fine wines while employing community members, allowing them to integrate into the labor market in order to lead rich, fulfilling lives. On this tour, we will learn more about the settlement’s history, current projects, and see how wine is made.

spices on spoon

Day 5:

Germans in the Galilee

Join us for a guided tour of Beit Lechem Haglilit, or Bethlehem of the Galilee. Now the site of a moshav, or an agricultural community, Beit Lechem Haglilit was once the ancient Israelite settlement of Bethlehem of Zebulun. Beit Lechem HaGlilit was originally built as a German Templar colony in 1906 and tells the story of the German Templars in the Holy Land over the last century.


Following the tour, we will visit a large family-run farm that grows medicinal herbs and spices on the moshav. We will meet the owners, hear their remarkable family story, and learn about herbs and spices.

Image by Rade Šaptović

Day 2:

Community on Mount Carmel

Join us for a tour of Wadi Nisnas in Haifa. Wadi Nisnas, is a lively mixed neighborhood that is emblematic of the coexistence that exists in Haifa as a whole. On this tour, we will explore the neighborhood’s Museum Without Walls as well as the flavors of its outdoor market with a few locals.


We will meet the General Secretary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community of the Holy Land for a discussion of faith, humanity and co-existence. We will finish the day with an interview with Ron Kehrmann, a former Israeli Olympic swimmer and the bereaved father of Tal Kehrmann, who was killed in a terror attack in Haifa in 2003. We will hear his family’s story, tour his printing press, and even see him swim.

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