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The Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Nothing beats the heat quite like a beach day. What you might not know is each beach in Tel Aviv has unique features and amenities, that make your day of fun and sun even better. Below is a list of our favorites to help you choose the right beach for you.

1. Metzitzim Beach- the beach made famous in the movie Metzitzim. This incredible beach has a playground for children, sports facilities, and even a portable free library, where you can borrow books to read in the sun. Highly recommended for families.

2. Nordau Beach- a religious beach that accommodates separate days for men and women. Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are for women while Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are for men. Modest swimwear is the norm at Nordau and it is open for both genders on Shabbat, when medley swimming is permitted.

3. Hilton Beach- The beach near Tel Aviv's iconic Hilton Hotel features three sections--it's northern-most part is a dog beach, where dogs are allowed to enter with their owners and play and swim off-leash. Below the dog beach is a vibrant LGBTQ+ beach, and next to it is the surfers beach, which is ideal for beginners. Hilton Beach is fully handicap accessible.

4. Gordon Beach- one of Tel Aviv's most famous beaches, known for it’s wide variety of restaurants, divers club, and beach volleyball courts. The beach hosts folk dancing lessons every Saturday and Pilates classes on Sunday and Wednesday nights. The ideal beach for volleyball enthusiasts.

5. Frishman Beach- Frishman is also known as the “French beach” because of its popularity with French tourists. Frishman Beach is a very vibrant and centrally-located beach with great swimming and amazing coffee shops nearby.

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